We create engaging learning journeys based on your specific needs and leadership mastery goals. We use in-person, and virtual content to make these experiences exceptional and inspiring. Competencies are the skills, behaviors and attitudes that lead to high performance. We create a competency model as a success profile that directs the focus of your development efforts. Leaders benefit from viewing themselves through the lens of their leadership styles and strengths and challenges, which our self-assessments provide. Working together, we enable you to be a source of positive energy who knows how to embolden, and encourage others while helping them deliver high performance.


Every individual has the ability to make a tremendous difference. Successful leaders effectively utilize their leadership capabilities to tackle life and business challenges with skill and confidence. Our learning events provide structured workshops that build your knowledge and skills in the context of real life situations. We utilize content, concepts and ideas that are tailored to your specific leadership needs. Working with us, you master capabilities that enable you to energize others, influence change, lead teams, and master other essential leadership proficiencies.

Our learning events empower you to maintain resilience and self-reliance even in difficult situations, while exhibiting greater confidence on a consistent basis. This keeps you moving forward propelled to achieve your most important professional and personal goals.


We offer training modules which are designed to teach a specific topic or skill. These include informational online courses, video tutorials, interactive discussions and demonstrations. Offering a variety of content allows you to enjoy a richer and more robust training experience. Our training modules ensure you acquire knowledge relevant to your work and apply this knowledge in a realistic way. As a well-prepared leader you are better able to function effectively in your professional and personal life. We work with you to systematically close information and learning gaps, enabling you to lead in ways that are more self-assured.


Coaching is transformational. The goal is measurable behavior change. To accomplish this, we use reflective dialogue, thoughtful feedback and analysis, and results-based action planning. Importantly, coaching provides an opportunity to develop you in the context of your current job, without removing you from your day-to-day responsibilities. We improve your ability to self-monitor and self-correct by noticing in the moment the impact you are having in a particular situation, and choosing behavior that achieves a better result. We help you uncover blind spots and get unstuck from unsuccessful behavior patterns. Our coaching provides a solid path for realizing critical leadership goals, and gaining greater satisfaction from your leadership role.


Our dynamic, engaging and entertaining keynote speakers help you rise to the next level of personal growth and transformation. Our presenters are proven leaders with a strong history of delivering dynamic, and interactive keynote speeches to a wide range of audiences. Our experts resonate with individuals across cultures, age groups and professions. You come away rejuvenated and feeling motivated, having gained actionable strategies that you can implement immediately. Audiences leave inspired by our presenters’ credibility, knowledge and expertise. This is one of the many things that set our speakers apart. These clear and adaptable communicators keep you engaged throughout the presentation.


Our assessments focus on behaviors that contribute to highly successful leadership. Working with us, you recognize preferred behavioral patterns and gain insight into how to utilize these effectively.  Our assessments contribute to emotional intelligence-an ability that is possessed by 90 percent of top performers in the workplace. Specifically, our assessments:

•  Provide feedback on critical leadership skill imperatives for your professional role.

•  Start the process of feedback-based individual development.

•  Provide insight into ways to adapt your natural style to be more effective with everyone in your life.

•  Enable you to develop your strongest talents and use these to optimize your professional and personal life.


Our consulting work helps organizations realize the power of transformation through people. We enable organizations to be more innovative, collaborative, engaged and profitable. Working with us, we help organizations look ahead, create a new future and achieve unparalled results. Our services include:

•  Strategic Planning

•  Organizational Assessment

•  Organization Redesign

•  Organization Culture Development

•  Process Optimization

•  Employee Engagement Enhancement

•  Strategies for Growth, Change Management and Improvement

•  Team Development

•  Human Capital Development

•  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Our career transition coaching helps you understand what motivates you and explores your values, interests, and personality. We strategize ways to develop fresh, untapped skills and provide you with a framework for solidifying a new career direction. We work with you to create a vision of success regarding desired career and lifestyle. Our consultant’s help you explore the value you bring to a new career and assess various career choices. After evaluating potential career options and making a decision on your next career path, we help you devise your strategy for completing your career transition. Finally we establish a timeline and success milestones that keep you moving forward with purpose ad determination.